Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Target owes me 3 bucks!

I feel much better now that I have made this vlog.


Bunny said...

Orny, go to the "Tide" AND "Target"s website and send them this vid.
You'll be getting free Tide for a YEAR.

A little homemaking tip: Vinegar and baking soda are dirt cheap, wash you clothes in a cup of Vinegar and about a quarter cup baking soda. You're clothes will be cleaner, as will your machine since it won't get gooped up with soap and you won't be paying those crazy prices. I never spend more than four bucks for my family of six on laundry stuff.

Anonymous said...

thanks Orny I so needed a laugh!

Steph said...
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The Actress said...

I like Bunny's advice. But, instead of using baking soda, toss in some spices and a little olive oil. Then, you can wash your clothes and make salad dressing, at the same time.

You eat salad, right?