Monday, August 17, 2009

The adventures of Orny and Ashley Hamilton on Dancing with the Stars

My good friend Ashley Hamilton will be following in his fathers dance steps as a contestant on the new season of Dancing with the Stars. Ashley has asked for my help. Watch the adventure as I help him every step of the way on


katykk said...

~that was Great!
What a true friend.
Love the on-the-fly comedy!
I had no clue Ashley the sandwich stealing wing man was THAT Ashley.
I've had an inappropriate crush on
his dad for YEARS,
sadly @ 37 I'm too old for George (or likely Ashley for that matter, lol)
...considering that he has a
self confessed potbelly, I may still be in the running with Orny.

The Actress said...

You know, if you did impressions, Ashley wouldn't have to do any phone interviews and could devote all of his time to dance practice.

You know what this means, don't you?

If your buddy doesn't nail first place, it's your fault for cutting into his practice time.

Some friend you are!

; )