Thursday, October 22, 2009

Orny disputing write up in Pittsburgh Tribune on radio 105.9

Listen to this discussion with Radio DJs Tim and Bob on 105.9 The X in Pittsburgh about an article written about me in the Pittsburgh Tribune. I didn't read the article but you can hear my reaction as they read some of the ingenious insights and observations (Extreme sarcasm.) He made some easy, cheap, inaccurate points-- skewing facts to sound negative. It was lazy. Most people (critics/ reviewers/bloggers) find it easier to take the low road, rather than take the high road of compassion. They think it will sell more papers or heighten interest. BUT AREN'T WE ALL SICK OF THE NEGATIVISM? The collective foul smell emitting from the world wide hate? I outgrew this kind of poking in high school. Most of these write ups are done by people that are not brave enough to chase their own dreams but rather choose to dash the dreams of others. I see through most of them. But it makes for an interesting discussion. Thanks Tim and Bob-- you made my day. And you should read the piece on me in Psychology Today if you are interested-- it’s about overcoming failures in a positive light. “9 prominent people talk about their failures.” (Which includes Donald Trump. That huge failure! (Extreme sarcasm.)

Article Psychology Today:

(Not worth linking article in question that appeared in Pittsburgh Tribune. The radio interview says it all.)

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