Friday, June 27, 2008

I divide the world again... with my hair

I get countless (about six) emails a year about my hair. It seems to be of concern to many of you (six a year). Some love it and some insist that I cut it. And to those six people (two are my parents and one is my sister) I dedicate this vlog. And then some don't say anything until I decide to cut it and then say, "It's about time." They're content letting me walk around looking stupid in their opinion. Good friends.

So... here is a vlog about my hair and why I'm getting it cut. I really enjoy shooting and editing these videos... and YES it is JUST ME and a camera... no one is shooting or helping me. Including while I drive. Which I better cut out for safety reasons and because on July 1st it will be illegal to drive and talk on a cell phone without a headset.. which means it will certainly be illegal to drive and shoot a video blog. And you know they will be on the lookout heavily starting July 1st.

Now, what I was trying to get into a moment ago was the self absorbed-ness of it all-- I feel that way a lot of the time when I shoot and post these... but many people seem to be really enjoying them... I'll do a vlog about that soon.

Enjoy my haircut, I look normal.