Saturday, May 3, 2008

Republican seen driving Prius

I'm reminiscing... watching old clips of John McEnroe yelling at judges-- here is a good one to watch.

Is there a single republican that owns a Prius? You have never seen a Prius with a McCain bumper sticker. That is a democrat car. You can even tell by the models. I have a friend that just bought a "Hillary 08" instead of the "Obama Hope" one… she thinks the Hillary Prius will never quit. They made a republican Prius but there was no way to exit the thing. And the gun rack was covering the moon roof.

What's it gonna take--- a $7 gallon? It's official... President Bush is the most unpopular president in modern American history, according to a new poll-- he's at a 28% approval rate. What does Bush have to do to lose the last 28%. What does he have to bomb Switzerland? Club baby seals on the White House lawn? That 28% are just hanging in there... I want to live in a world where the gas prices go down and the president's approval goes up.

Meanwhile, Exxon Mobile posted an $11 billion first quarter profit. Guess the high price of gas is affecting them-- in a good way. Boy, I hope they can afford to fill up their tanks.

And finally, I wish I was creative enough to make this up... Yesterday I got recognized by a mime. Fresh off an audition, he came up to me in the white face makeup and all and said, "Hey you're Orny Adams." And I said, "Are you supposed to be speaking?" But how odd-- to be at a coffee shop and have that freak of performing art approach you. I was kind of startled... wish he had mimed out my name. I realized I could never be a mime-- because I can't NOT talk. I would be the mime that would would never shut up!