Monday, February 18, 2008

Another three day weekend?

I mean come on! Enough is enough. Let's work. President's Day-- do we really need to celebrate it... this year?


Anonymous said...

Canada just added a new 3 day weekend. This past Monday was "Family Day."

Anonymous said...

"Get back to work, America!" Trust me, I'd love to! But my work consists of extra work in TV and movies, and all they're asking for right now (and I kid you not) are people fluent in sign language, those with racing bikes, and hot chicks to work with the guys from "Entourage." Hollywood hates normal people. Bastids.

Orny Adams, taking in some of the fine art of the Getty Museum. And... hey, what are those guys doing on that plate? Oh! Oh, I get it. One of 'em is sick and the other is taking his temperature. That's nice of him.

Just call me Katie! said...

You certainly know how to strike a pose. Leaning on the column. You are adorable. I was waiting for the Thinker pose.

I think an essay could be easily written on that china plate. So many "angles" to talk about, it is hard to just pick one....

As far as the two for one deal...boy that gets my panties in a wedgy. I hope the majority of people don't think that way. I know this isn't a forum for political debate. I just had to share my point of view.

I hear all these grumblings about Hillary. It is like we are going backwards in time. Oh that is right!! Women are just vaginas. That is all we are good for...rump shakers and bopping boobies. Women can't have a brain. They are too busy applying makeup and getting boob jobs. They definitely can't be playing with the big no! The only way you can do that is if you have a strong man behind ya. And we all know when a man is in the House that the first lady should only be interested in decorating the White House for Christmas and making the cover of Better Homes and Gardens.

Well I say suck it up. Step aside and give a woman a try. We had to buck up for the past 8 years with a frat boy and a gun slinger in the White House. Now let the woman clean up the mess and create some positive change. Oh and give her credit too.

This rant is dedicated to the man that I was stuck exercising next to yesterday that felt the need to be a commentator for the CNN news and share his thoughts with me. Damn stationary exercise equipment. I just wanted to peddle away. Thankful his redneck philosophy is not endorsed or paid for by the network. I will bring my headphones next time.

Ok. I am done. Sorry. The clip was hysterical and Orny is adorable. We are lazy Americans but I am a big supporter of work life balance. As Orny seems to be embracing that concept as well!


Just call me Katie! said...

Another thing. What did you do to the sign. It looks like you used coal.

Anonymous said...

Was the Greek or China pottery? If it was Greek, then we "intelligent" people know what is being commemorated on that plate. Does the Franklin Mint know?

Well, I for one have not had a three day weekend since Christmas, but I agree with you. We should spread them out a bit. There are no three day weekends all summer unless we are lucky to have 4th of July fall on a Friday or Monday. What's up with that. I say, Bring Back Summer Vacation in the work place!!!
Wish I could have come to see your show. I'm sure you kicked.

Anonymous said...

You rock my world...

I love love love your video logs Orny!!!

yes...I absolute agree we should have skipped this President's day holiday.

I saw that story yesterday about the pres being a "star" in Tanzania as well...geesh, could that be the biggest joke "ever".

The guy can't even fix our Healthcare etc. here, but yet is trying to grab every piece of good headlines everywhere else, but in the U.S.A.

He needs a good swift kick in the arse...

I completely agree with what you said about McCain.

Looking forward to your next vlog.

Now..."Get Back to work!"

Anonymous said...

I concur! These three day weekends blow my whole work week. Because the rest of America didn't want to work my whole Monday was postponed until Tuesday. If I wasn't such a work-aholic I would have thrown in the towel and gone home. Let's all be more productive, please, less holidays that I don't get off.

Great vlog, very hawt.

Anonymous said...

That plate ... gracious me!
It's now Feb. 20 as I type this. Anyone planning to go out at noon today to celebrate Hoodie-Hoo Day? <-(Google time) ... (Don't look at me! Winter can go away and spring arrive without me being outside acting like a loon.)

Steph said...
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#2 Orny Adams Fan said...

Orny For President!! (or Hillary!) Wow, you actually make a ton of sense!!!! Anyway, the whole family is leaving tonight to go to Walt Disney World! I'll try to find some "Bush Ears!" and send u some.

EasyVeasey said...

you rock. BUT SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! What if the bushie sees your post and cancels the holidays? i stopped your clip when you went on about 3 day weekends cause that was going to be my answer.. WHO GIVES A FUCK about presidents day? Yea in south africam with Mandela, I can understand.. we only like presidents day due to the fact that it's a long weekend and a short week!!!!!!! for us working bods!!
u're still a legend! but a bastard for being so damn cool... ok you're not really cool. more like a tool with a fool for a brain
ok i dont mean that either im just having so much fucking fun writing this and NOT getting MY boss his presentation that he's waiting for with clients in the baord room... ok fuck that i need to go give it to him!
u still want those beryll sungalsses?

PS: Love the cheesy face when the clip on the moon thingy was on ... hu? who am i where am i? i mean before u hit play, you can see a cheesy looking oinky
hhah oinky, see what i did there? damn i am so amusing to myself for myself by myself...

Anonymous said...

God you are sexy