Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lipstick Jungle... did you miss it?

There was a major TV event this week. The premier of Lipstick Jungle and NBC gave the new show the all out push. I doubt you missed it. But in case you did... here is my play by play of the minutes leading up to the premier.


Anonymous said...

You'll be happy to learn that the show is either online or scheduled to be put online at, so you can satisfy that media-spurred "Lipstick Jungle" erection of yours.

Not sure if the show is up right now, since I just see a black screen. But then, technology hates me, so there ya go.

And believe it or not, I DID miss all the hype! Not one iota of news on the "Lipstick Jungle" fell my way. Only because I've avoided the TV Guide and watched only one primetime show this entire week: "House" on FOX (and that was an ego thing--I was in the back of the Hasidic wedding scene).

Anonymous said...

All that "countdowning" NBC did is insane. I'd much rather see a Brain Noise countdown! Or just Brain Noise period. Completely missed Lipstick Jungle (however shall I go on now?) We watched House and Criminal Minds reruns.
Orny, I hope I don't hurt your feelings in saying this, but ... you're really funny!

Anonymous said...

So are you all psyched to watch it next week then??!! I think it's a good psychological trick...the countdown makes the not-very-bright among us think that they should be excited and hence they actually get excited and call all their friends about it. Hey, maybe as the momentum picked up people actually decided to throw a mini party to celebrate the arrival of the premiere. But I wonder if they actually watched the whole show. I think it's funny that the network spends so much time on these gimmicks when in the long run the show is either good or it's not, it's going to do well or it's going to flop and there ain't a damn thing that a second-by-second (even millisecond-by-millisecond) countdown can do to stop fate from having it's way.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I missed it, I probably would've put my head through a tv or something. Yes I would love a brain noise countdown, just to make fun of NBC for doing that. Glad I don't watch tv that much except for Comedy Central. Good one Orny.

Steph said...
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VinnieCoppola said...

Yeah, here's the difference: I actually get excited about a new edition of Brain Noise.