Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama heckled like Bob Dylan was in 1966

I'm sure even fewer will appreciate this one.

This one might be for me and a few Dylan fanatics. Or maybe just me. And after hours of editing, I realized I'm fine with that. I get it. Maybe some will be as intrigued about that night in 1966 and the backstory it carries as I was. It's really about a man doing what he believed was the next step in his evolution as an artist-- plugging in his guitar. Even though a majority of his fans strongly disagreed-- he remained determined and courageous as audiences booed.


Sarah said...

Thanks for this, seriously. I pretty much thought the same thing when I heard about Joe Wilson's outburst. I like when fellow Dylan fans show their stuff like this :)

The Actress said...

It may interest you to know that, more and more, biblical scholars are leaning toward the belief that Judas got a bum rap. In April, 2006, the National Geographic Society announced the existence and translation of an authenticated, ancient document that told a much different story. The findings were aired later as a special called, "The Gospel of Judas."

That aside, I love your video and the correlation you've made. Ignorance is a tenacious bastard.