Friday, February 22, 2008

Orny vs The Panda

I'm out of the viral game! Done. What was supposed to be an exciting event in my life... having a video featured on the front page of turned into a harsh reality and wake up call for me. Watch and learn.

Other names for this blog could be:

• Panda’s ass more interesting than me
• Panda Butt 235,512 --- Orny’s Butt 6,986
• Orny vs Panda. Panda wins pants down
• Panda video is even better the third time you watch it
• Why video blogging sucks
• In the cyber world I am a loser
• This is what’s wrong with the internet
• Is that really a panda?
• Get me a pole. I can do that!
• I give up
• Who represents that panda?
• I thought the panda was over acting
• This is why I hate the world
• If you passed along the link for the panda video you should not be allowed to vote in the presidential election or American Idol
• I thought panda butt scratch video was far too short

Here's a link to "Dog's NOT on Leashes" blog: Dogs NOT on Leashes