Friday, June 20, 2008

NYC vlog #2: June 20, 2008

More adventures in the city. I shot a blog and it all got deleted on my camcorder. I am off to find a NEW coffee shop. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I like your editing style where you cut from several different locations while delivering the same monologue. It reminds me of a music video sans music. But then again, it helps break up the monotony of just sitting there talking to the camera.

Jane said...

Sorry about the Coffee-Serving-Environmentalist. He's obviously not seen your videos and didn't realize he was talking to the Defender Of Trees! Guess he's got to control something in the world... deciding who gets paper cups seems to be of extreme importance!! Maybe I should quit my job answering phones and take up this cup seriving business... I'll have to come up with some means of deciding WHO is WORTHY of a paper cup. Don't worry Orny... you'll always get a new cup from me if you get a defective, leaky one. I promise.

Unknown said...

Chad'z, Actually I think that is the point of brain noise. I think it's really smart how Orny is visually showing the constant "noise" and movement that is flowing through his head all the time. My guess is, it's not called "Brain Clarity" for a reason...

Anonymous said...

~ Oa,
I loved it.

You please me greatly.

how DARE you for having a leaky cup and having the audacity to be bothered by it.
I worked in a coffee shop for years, I've GOT to back up my Black Liquid Gold Serving Peeps
(though I would have given you another cup gladly, had you done the secret hand signal known as the Coin To Tip Jar)
Once a Barrista always Barrista.(kind of like the Mob)

~Why are people rubbing Tomatoes on Taints?
Is this some new thing the kids are doing?

~when you do that many shows back to back,
do you ever lose/strain your vocal chords?

~Can you believe I have never thought about what dogs have done there when I sit under a Tree.
I'm both thankful and sad that you brought this to my attention.

~Mexican Guy in a Kilt.
Mysteriously deleted
or downloaded to

it's likely he had no underwear on...
(that mental picture is for you ruining sitting innocently at the base of a tree for me for the rest of my life!)

but I still like you.
break a leg.

MariaJack said...

OK Orny...

I LOVED this piece. I laughed out loud at least 5 times... and you know, I don't do that over not-so-funny-stuff.

I was a barista for a few years. I would have INSISTED on giving you a new cup AND a FREE cup of coffee! It's just how I am.

Then I would have suggested that you bring, (or puchase) your own "real cup or mug" that can be washed out and used over and over again...

I'm for dogs and the environment.


Michelle36 said...

Thaks for sharing your trip with us. Next you should come to Louisiana. If your cup was leaking here, the counter person would most likely say, "I'm sorry....let me git you another one, now, do you need anything else?" We'd do you so many ways, you're bound like some of them. I love they way you look in the morning.

Steph said...
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EasyVeasey said...

Orny, you please me greatly! lol you're a fucking legend! Could you please me greatly too? well if i was that way inclined maybe but im not so just use your wit, whitty whittier whitey wit to please me :)
nice seeing you again, even if it is on cam! LOVE the shades! haha sent the link to Sigmata! ;)
let me know when you're up for a beer!

EasyVeasey said...

Jane wears a cup? and she's offering it to you? is she like some "drink for the furry cup" football girl that wears a cup? i wouldn't take ANY cups from her man.. unless they come with a wire support ;)

EasyVeasey said...

have you noticed how most of the comments were realted to your shit cup of coffee? did anyone notice that that really WAS the main doggie urinal!!! it had no grass around it but in one of the other shots... the trees had grass all the way up to the trunk! funky shit! haha

EasyVeasey said...

is it 6pm yet?

EasyVeasey said...

can you tell i'm bored?

EasyVeasey said...

if i keep leaving comments, will it just show mine under your clip and move the rest down?

EasyVeasey said...

after this comment i'll click back and see if it does..

EasyVeasey said...

you're probably adding a bit of "cream" to your "coffee seeing your notice.. Mr adams, you have 12 new commments and what a dissapointment seeing they are all from me..
ok im gonna see if that worked..

EasyVeasey said...

Just to let you know it doesn't :( bummer

EasyVeasey said...

and chad'z, we're not sure if you like the clip or not, could you please clarify? what exactly didn't you like? (wink wink) what about the content... or how he used the tomato sandwich in the park and then used the previous train ride paper article to link it up? so... yea or nea.. and to be honest i prob will forget to look back at any reposneses so just leave a comment for orny ;)

The Actress said...


I think I may be having one of those NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

~I'd like to think that tree
was the well worn one because
it was the safe one to sit under.

p.s. you've pleased me greatly 3x today...TMI?

hope NY is treating you well!

Anonymous said...

I like you tied in the tomato thing with the guys newspaper, that was great.

Anonymous said...

you are hilarious, really good stuff

Anonymous said...

hey Orny, you with the hollywood hair---I'm the Mexican with the kilt--worst, I'm not even Mexican, I'm Venezuelan--I know, what's the difference right?-----and you erased my 2 min of digital fame??? Damn you.
Great Vlog. Break a leg on yar shows and get yar ass on Chelsea Lately!!!!! She muy caliente!