Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NYC vlog #3: June 25, 2008

Here is my final blog about my trip to NYC... well I have one more of me heading home to edit. I have 3 more to edit as matter of fact... so stay tuned. I greatly shortened this one-- I had all these clips of me running around from club to club, but it started to feel a bit self congratulatory. So I just put together some of my musings and amusing observations. Here is some more of me bumping into the world.


Steph said...
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Anonymous said...

~I laughed.
I cried.
Then I decided I should
probably press Play!

You must have a
really big Livingroom!
I feel the same way about
Portland and a small Mountain Village in Mexico that is famous for Pie.

Now I'm curious about the
footage you edited out.
( that even an accurate term anymore since it's Digital? hmmmm)
Were you bordering on
The Gene Simmons Level
of Self Congratulation
or were you just a man
doing what he loves?

I didn't see anything out
of the ordinary on that Subway.

Looking forward to more vids!

feel free to (ahem) "test"
whether or not filming
in the shower would ruin
your camera,
purely for science
of course.

Steph said...
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The Actress said...

Obviously, you have NOT read the "Home Movie Production Handbook." When you run in the rain like an action hero, you're supposed to do it in slo mo. Chapter Six, Orny. It's all there.

; )

Anonymous said...

Hey lets see you going to club to club. Like Comedian 2!!! Ya lets see it.