Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NYC vlog #1: June 17, 2008

Here is my horrendous flight detailed and my first morning back in NYC back in the old-- neighborhood captured on tape. Caught my old doorman and mailman and of course Gay Al. That is what everybody calls him. He has been a fixture on the block FOREVER and lives in a rent controlled place for like $45 a month. And you have to be very gay in the west village to be the one on the block they call GAY. (That's what Vinnie the mailman tells me.) Off to explore the city.


Anonymous said...

~If you do it every day
I'll definitely watch!
...um..er..you know what I

Thanks for sharing your old
I've never been to NYC
it's fun seeing it from your perspective.

and taking video of your death flight from hell.
That's dedication to
your fans I tell you.

more please.

Anonymous said...

"Flying 'coach.'" Yea, on VIRGIN AIRLINES! You should've been on my hell trip from L.A. to PA last week, my friend... to quote the Jeni, "I don't want to say the name of the airline, it wouldn't be proper. Let's just say it rhymes with 'Wontinental.'"

Enjoy NYC for the rest of us poor saps!

Michelle36 said...

That was rivitting! Please be careful. I have never been on a plane. So thanks for showi8ng me the inside of one actually flying. And thanks for showing Me New York. I'll watch anything you have time to post and I'm praying for your safe flight home.
PS. You look more handsome every time I see you!

MariaJack said...

I'm applauding...

Wontinental. I like it.

I recommend a small, plug-in, percolator coffee thingy. I never travel without one...


Jane said...

SOB! I typed this HILAROUS reply to your video and because I had to sign up on google it didn't take it. For goodness sakes... ORNY!!! I am posting a comment, though, so you should be VERY proud.

Anyhow... Like I said BEFORE... Do airplanes really look like that now? I haven't been on a plane since 2001. Wow. I'm gonna have a great time flying to LAX in July. I'm gonna wear a low cut top, some platform shoes, applebottom jeans and get me a mixed drink!!! Its still cool if I stay with you, right? You gotta send me your show schedule so I can drag some friends that would love it, too.

Oh yeah.. And Gay Al wants me to tell you that he didn't talk to you 'cause of your gay sunglasses. He said "what's this guy think he's Britney Spears?" I don't know what that means, but maybe you do...
LOVE YA TONS! See you soon.
-Your myspace friend...

Anonymous said...

That's the coolest interior of a plane I've ever seen. Purple and blues lights? It looks like a casino!

Suz Broughton said...

Found # 1 Trying to confuse your YouTube subscribers are you? Well, you have to get up pretty...Wait...isn't this Anjelah Johnson blog?

JK-This was great.