Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My first fashion show for Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight sent me into one of the most uptight cultures -- the world of fashion-- and I couldn't take it seriously at all. Some girl named Lauren Conrad from the MTV reality show "The Hills" was showing her new line of clothing. So I interviewed her and her friends from the show. And tried to have some fun. The real champ was Lisa Rinna from "Dancing With The Stars" -- she rocks!


Steph said...

Hey, that was a fun segment. I didn't even know that L.A. had a fashion week (I thought that everything with American fashions happened in New York). I wonder if any of those clothes come in a whopping size 8? Is it wrong to wear thermal underwear underneath a halter dress...?

Anonymous said...

"Then I went home and slept with my ET mic." Why does that not surprise me? And don't knock that hetero vibe of yours, Orny. It just adds to that on-camera animal magnetism that makes strange women want to dance in the street with you. (We should all be so lucky with on-the-fly connections.) Good move on spotting Lauren and getting an interview with her away from the reporter melee.

Just call me Katie! said...

So I wonder who is more ruthless the paparazzi or the reporters at a fashion show. Way to hang in there buddy.

I did notice the power of the microphone. Watch Orny try to "accidentally" tap the boob of Kristen with the hand holding the mic as he is interviewing her. Pretty slick! Don't look down Orny!

The Actress said...

You were either in 7th Heaven, ODing on barely legal, anorexic and air-headed women; or in 7th Heaven ODing on barely legal, anorexic, air-headed women.

Good luck finding one that doesn't want the volume on the Chaplin flick turned up — that is, if she even knows who Chaplin is.

E.T. mic — nice euphemism. ; )

Tony Vinh | Comedian said...

Hilarious, but my question is, HOW COME YOUR CAMERAMAN DIDN'T TELL YOU YOUR COLLAR WAS MESSED UP? What a dick! He just let you walk around with a messed up collar all night? Imagine the ridicule you would've gotten if you were at a fashion show or something??? Oh, wait, YOU WERE! Actually, I take that back. That wasn't a real fashion show, was it? Gucci? Dior? Conrad? Eh.

Then again, maybe your popped jacket collar was the true fashion statement/discovery of the night. I think you may have serendipitously created the next trend. Sorry, LC, but congrats to Orny, the true star of the show.

Nice work, man. I love BrainNoise.

BTW, here's Audrina NOT wearing a gorgeous Lauren Conrad dress. Forget the TV show, check out these Hills: