Sunday, February 3, 2008

Steve Martin Book Review

The Orny Book Club is back with a strong recommendation for Steve Martin's "Born Standing Up." And here is some suggestive read from my blog "How to be upstaged by a star like Robin Williams."



Just call me Katie! said...

I see you have been reading again! Well I am glad you found something that was worth the read. Steve Martin is great. My favorite film of his would be The Jerk. I will definitely check out his book. Thank you for the recommendation.

Since you were fishing for the compliment at the end...well here it is...You, Orny Adams, are an inspiration to a lot of people. You are innovative with your communication. You are hysterical in a G rated way most of the time. Your writing is truthful and filled with your heart. It is such a pleasure to read your blogs because you so graciously bring us along on your journeys. You share all the wonders you are experiencing at the time in such great detail it is as though we are there with you. Your creative juices and blazing energy spark a fire in all of us. So yes. You do inspire and thank you!

RichJeniFan said...

And here, I thought the Orny Book Club would only recommend stapled volumes. You know, the kind with tri-folded pages in the center. Hmmm...

PixieSpork said...

Hey, I think it's time you talked to your "Technical Team" (I'm sure its a nephew) and start a Orny Book Club webpage!!! I think your books would probably much more interesting and funnier than Harpo's.

#2 Orny Adams Fan said...

Thank you sooo much for the laughter you bring into our home! I look forward to hearing "The daily Noise!"

Comedian Tony Vinh said...

Dude ("Dude"? Who am I, Michaelangelo the Ninja Turtle?),

I've just got caught up with all your latest VLOGS. Remember when you said you didn't know if you were gonna do anymore after your CVS one because they were so time consuming and exhausting? Well it's fucking amazing that you've now done 80 since. I think that's the number, right? Too high? Okay, let me count again... oh... it's only 79.

What inspires me is that each one is brilliant. And I'm not saying that to kiss your ass. When I'm not slinging hack jokes on stage and sucking, I work during the day as an writer for an ad agency (i.e. I've sold out to The Man). It's funny to see how when I try to create something, so many people get involved to make it look slick and polished that it turns into shit. The beauty of the idea gets pissed on by adding more shit to it. Kind of like a naturally beautiful girl who puts on too much rouge. She looks like a clown or worse, her pimp slapped the bitch.

Meanwhile, each one of these are done so organically by no one but you (I'm assuming this because I sense that A) you're a control freak, and B) no cameraman was sitting on your lap while on the leg machine at the gym. God, I hope not.). And each single one is so well done. The editing and timing alone is so much better than big budget stuff I've done at professional editing houses. Guess that's the comedian in you.

I had some pretty shitty shows the last couple of weeks and these inspire me that creativity can come from lots of places. And it's only my lazy ass that's preventing myself from creating the messages I want to create. I don't need to wait around for someone to hand me a TV show. I don't need to wait for a book deal. I can make it in my living room with a camera from Circuit City (30 months, no interest!) and a ghetto, tagged bedsheet/banner (31 months, no interest!).

Have you talked to your agent about getting these aired somewhere? You know, like maybe the tail end of 20/20 or something? Hell, it's better than Frank Caliendo's shit during halftime. It's hilarious. It's short. It's cheap to produce. What program wouldn't want to buy it? I seriously hope you replace Andy Rooney's segments on 60 minutes with these things someday. Is he still alive? Or even end up on one of my other favorite news shows, CBS Sunday Morning. Ever watch this? It's like nothing but good news that happens in America. After seeing so much shit about Britney or how the mayor of Detroit thinks he's Suge Knight (look it iup if you don't know what I'm talking about), this program makes me feel that the world is still okay. Somewhat.

Once again, thanks again. Dude.


P.S. Did you watch Steve Martin on Charlie Rose? It was as equally as fantastic as his book. Charlie Rose looks like either a Morman or a pediphile to be, and his set sadly looks cheaper than that of, but his interviews are the best out there. Go to and type Steve Martin into the video archives searchlist. Other inspiring interviews were Chris Rock, Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chapelle, David Letterman, and.... that's all I've gone through so far. Bernie Mac is next on my list. I love hearing the struggles of any comedian. It makes me feel not so alone in this biz. Each are full-length clips w/no inspiration. There are tons others you can look up that aren't comedians, too. Like Heath Ledger.

Just call me Katie! said...

I like the t-shirt too!

#2 Orny Adams Fan said...

See even K8 wants a t shirt, Orny! C'mon, man!

Jeromie:Madman said...

Cool, I've almost bought that book, I've browsed it. I was eating a fortune cookie while watching, it said"Don't take any unnecessary gambles". So I guess I can buy it now. .

Jeromie:Madman said...

My fortune cookie said "Don't take unnecessary gambles", and I've been eyeing that book, and even had my hands on it. I'll get it now..

Ben said...

After seeing Orny's review I bought it today and ended up reading it nearly in one sitting.

I recently saw Steve Martin on Charlie Rose talking about this book, but he needs to cut Orny a check for selling it.

Go buy it! It has a good prospective on the other side to being famous, as well as the struggle most if not all people in the arts go through.

Coleman said...

Orny I definitely got to say your are one of the people that inspire me. I watch Comedian repeatedly because it hooks me how driven you were. Now I'm so driven I can't stop writing every day. It's nuts. I can't wait to get the money to buy the book. Thanks for the tip.

Steph said...
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Steph said...
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The Actress said...

Oh, you've inspired people, trust me! (You've also inspired some of them to want to whack you up the side of the head.)

It sounds like a GREAT book. If Martin had done his "Flydini" act on "The Tonight Show" earlier on, he would've been remembered. I saw it only one time -- ONE TIME -- and have never forgotten it. Have you ever read the book, "Comic Insights," by Franklin Ajaye? (Darren turned me on to that one.) It's very insightful too.

BTW, waaaaay cool shirt. Congrats on the exposure.

TAMMpON said...

I have the book and read it 2.6 times! YOu are and should always know that you have not only inspired me, but my son as well! Take care and keep up the wisdom!