Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palm Springs Shower Shocker

A shower taught me something about myself.


Anonymous said...

Thank You for the
Mental Pictures Orny.
I'm 3 shades
of Magenta
(yes, me!)
All Hail The 2nd Shower Head!
(and water pressure
that is "Oh My,Yes")

The Actress said...

You like women and a second showerhead? Way up there?? That reminds me of a joke I heard:

A woman runs an ad for a husband and, in the listing, specifies that he must meet three criteria: he must never beat her, he must not leave her and he must be a great lover. All interested parties should apply at her address.

Not long after, there is a ring at her door. When she opens it, she encounters an armless, legless man in a wheelchair who informs her that she can conclude her search, as he is perfect for the position.

"I have no arms, so I can't beat you," he explains. "And I have no legs, so I won't ever run away."

"Yes, but how do I know that you're a great lover?," asks the woman.

The man replied, "I rang the bell, didn't I?"

Anonymous said...

Now THAT would've been some blog-worthy video, had you captured that experience... geez, so you're sure that you don't need a travel assistant? I am open to job suggestions at the moment! ;-)

Steph said...
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K-Town said...

why is everyone such an asshole!? geez.

I think this is a lovely video, although it never hurts to SHOW everyone what you're talking about... ;)

The Actress said...

Jumpin' Jiminy, what's wrong with you people? The man is a COMEDIAN. He's JOKING.

That's your cue to go "Ha-ha," not rag on him and/or request porn.

That's not sunburn; he's BLUSHING.

Steph said...
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kim potter said...

ha! youre at the westin. good choice