Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Outraged badminton fans speak out!

Unbeknownst to me and most of the world (the sane world) there is a group of ardent, outspoken, defensive, devoid of senses of humor badminton fanatics... that are outright mean at times. There is no joking about badminton with these people-- it is their religion. I discovered this when I posted a video questioning the validity of badminton as an Olympic event. And for those of you that know me, it was done with a wink. But now it is on! Here is my reaction to their unrealistic reaction.

You'll be shocked to discover what was an Olympic event from 1912-1948 (unless you read the LA Times yesterday.)

Enjoy. Take a deep breath badminton fanatics and enjoy this one.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! I laugh every time I see this! :-))

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. I love it.

Anonymous said...

~lol, I fucking loved this!

"I drink your tears"

Badminton people are so angry
because their sport never really
lets them get their agression out.
You are SO gonna get your ass kicked all over that net though.

Water Color?

Thank you, this is good stuff.

carl2000 said...

Badminton. Isn't that racquetball for pussies? While we're at it, why don't we just make an Olympic event out of miniature go kart racing, too? GEEZ!

The Actress said...

There are miniature go karts? Who are they for?? Aren't go karts already small to begin with???

Oa, do you think there's miniature Badminton?

Hey, Badminton people! I'm an animal lover and I object to you calling that shuttlecock thing a "birdie." In fact, I don't even like you calling it a "cock," a type of bird. I'm sure there are porn stars who would agree with me.

Funny stuff, Oa.

carl2000 said...

I meant to say "miniature golf," but my miniature words got jumbled somewhere between my miniature brain and my miniature fingers. I blame it on the miniature vicodin I took last night before going to sleep in my miniature bed.

All kidding aside, I've been to go kart tracks that actually had "miniature" included in their front signs. I thought it was kind of weird and pointless as well, but I'm sure they had it up there for a reason (probably to clarify the point for inbred rednecks).

Anonymous said...

you saw the word badminton funny..your hair looks good longer and you have tears on your shirt.

Anonymous said...

say...not saw ..oops

Steph said...
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The Actress said...


Go ahead, windmill, make my day.

carl2000 said...


Anonymous said...

OK so I got a new laptop, let's see how this does with brain noise comments. It's obviouly my day to 'be online'.

So you piss off badminton fans, Aussies and folks who aspire to water color? My oh my you do live dangerously dear friend! Heaven forbid you should piss off An AUSSIE who PLAYS BADMINTON and WATER COLORS. You'd have to go into hiding like that Salmon Rushdie dude.

Wait, did I just spell his name like the fish or IS his name spelled like the fish? Nevermind.

xoxo's Bunny