Friday, August 1, 2008

Kidney transplants and STOP charging us to check luggage

I'm up in San Francisco for a wedding and to do a benefit for a friend who is uninsured and defaulting on a kidney transplant. Of course my flight was delayed AGAIN. I am now booking myself on airlines that do not charge for luggage. Delta JUST doubled it's fee to check luggage. It is getting absurd. Two weeks ago an airline charged me to use the reading light. ( It is almost getting that bad.) JUST RAISE THE PRICE OF THE TICKETS!


Just call me Katie! said...

I am going to start calling you hoodie!

Enjoy the weekend. I like how the comedian community comes together to help each other out. It is inspiring.

I work for accountants. The way we show support is by raising money for pencil sharpners...maybe I should leave funny to you.

I am starting a 10 day cleanse just in case someone needs my kidney. I like to be prepared!

Have fun and let your fans know if we can help you with your cause!


Anonymous said...

~Free Max's Kidney!

That's just awful!
And he got one of the cheaper organs to replace,
think of the ones
who have to make payments
on a Heart or a couple of Lungs!

Richard Branson has more money
than God or even Oprah,
he'd be an asshole to
charge for extra baggage.
He's already kind of an asshole for having so much money.

You can't be expected to
squish a new Brooks Brothers Suit into a Gym bag (at least not on the way TO the event).

~Safe Travels
and I hope both the
Wedding and Max's fundraiser
are a huge success!
(and may all the Brides Maids
be cute, single & a little tipsy)


Steph said...
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Anonymous said...

~don't want Orny to get laid?
well not DURING the Ceremony.
That would probably be
frowned upon.

~but I DO want him to get laid.
And always successful.
and Happy.
With fresh cream in
his non leaky coffee cup.
I wish that for all people...
and socks warm from the
dryer on a cool winters morn'
(okay, I might have gone too far with that one)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a fabulous ending to the "marathon" on Sunday. I was initially disappointed that Dana wasn't there, but you were far funnier than he'd have been.
"your newest fan"