Monday, July 28, 2008

Uncontained Laughter: The Stolen Sandwich

High crimes in Malibu. This is what happens when men act like boys. We stole some cute girl's sandwich to get her attention. It didn't work. But we got a huge laugh out of it. The clip may get a little confusing as a few other people come and go-- ignore them. Enjoy the laughter.


EasyVeasey said...

FUCKING great! ha-ha Send that to ;) you'll get like a trillion gazillion hits if they post it ;) I love how your buddy just walks off and you get a shot of the avocado! hahahah classic!!!
Lets see your fans try the sandwich grab... a prize for the best one. ;)

Just call me Katie! said...

I love the giggles. You both are devilish. Now I see what you did in grade school to make the girls cry.

Suz Broughton said...

I can't believe she wasn't interested after you returned her sandwich and called her "cute."
Very fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Thats just freaking awesome. Did you get her number?

By the way, I can't believe you have or had an assistant?! I guess that means you are really famous/important now.

Greetings from Austria.

Anonymous said...

You're just an old-school pigtail tugger, aren't you, Orny? ;-)

Anonymous said...

~Ashley is a
World Class
Wing Man.
That's a true friend
right there!

Sooo did she end up
sharing that ginormous hunk
of Avocado with you?

Is it pathetic of me
to find Sandwich Stealing
really cute & romantic?

Anonymous said...

kind of reminds me of the beginning of a gonzo porn video... stealing the avocado as an icebreaker. pure class.

Anonymous said...

Much better!