Saturday, May 3, 2008

Republican seen driving Prius

I'm reminiscing... watching old clips of John McEnroe yelling at judges-- here is a good one to watch.

Is there a single republican that owns a Prius? You have never seen a Prius with a McCain bumper sticker. That is a democrat car. You can even tell by the models. I have a friend that just bought a "Hillary 08" instead of the "Obama Hope" one… she thinks the Hillary Prius will never quit. They made a republican Prius but there was no way to exit the thing. And the gun rack was covering the moon roof.

What's it gonna take--- a $7 gallon? It's official... President Bush is the most unpopular president in modern American history, according to a new poll-- he's at a 28% approval rate. What does Bush have to do to lose the last 28%. What does he have to bomb Switzerland? Club baby seals on the White House lawn? That 28% are just hanging in there... I want to live in a world where the gas prices go down and the president's approval goes up.

Meanwhile, Exxon Mobile posted an $11 billion first quarter profit. Guess the high price of gas is affecting them-- in a good way. Boy, I hope they can afford to fill up their tanks.

And finally, I wish I was creative enough to make this up... Yesterday I got recognized by a mime. Fresh off an audition, he came up to me in the white face makeup and all and said, "Hey you're Orny Adams." And I said, "Are you supposed to be speaking?" But how odd-- to be at a coffee shop and have that freak of performing art approach you. I was kind of startled... wish he had mimed out my name. I realized I could never be a mime-- because I can't NOT talk. I would be the mime that would would never shut up!


Steph said...
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Orny Adams said...

You used to be a fan Steph! Your comment makes NO sense... of course. And maybe you should have the courage to express yourself somehow-- other then through constant criticism of those that do. That's funny and not hostile right? Standing by for your apology.

Joe said...

As a former tennis player (high school)... I managed to break 3 raquets via frustration... Tennis is a sport that you can only blame yourself or the ref.. an well if the ref is wrong....FUCK!!! I think Johny Mac is great. Tennis needed someone like him... and to this day, we remember him for the way he kept his cool. Ha, maybe not... but he helped give tennis some limelight.

Just call me Katie! said...

I am conserving energy right now. I just tripped the circuit breaker on the one side of my kitchen. I can't find the electrical box to turn it back on and I can't find the landlord's number. I am hoping it tripped other apartments and someone else will call.

Lazy huh? or passive aggressive? Just trying to fit the tone of blogging here.

Peace and love to all....
Last week on Boston Legal the character Alan slammed the Supreme Court Justices in his closing argument during a hearing. He gets some of the best written monologue pieces EVER. If you have a chance to listen to it you should. I had goose bumps and had to phone a friend to share in the amazement. It is important to say what is on your mind!!! This is America. We are one big disfunctional family that has become an international joke. I hope our next leader can help us turn this craziness around.

Just call me Katie! said...

Here it is...after about 4 minutes his speech lights up with current issues. Watch it and enjoy!

Steph said...
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Orny Adams said...

It's me Orny. This is my blog. And WHAT did I write about that is upsetting to you? Are you a republican driving a Prius? Nothing above seems offensive to me at all.

Steph said...
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Joe said...

I just like some good ol conversation.... Oa, you seem to have gotten the ball rolling on that w/ your comment :)...let's all get fired up!!! :)

Just call me Katie! said...


I adore your writing and your admiration for Orny's talent. You have been one of his biggest fans. I also understand where you are coming from when you talk about hostility in the humor. Sometimes it can be a cheap shot.

However,I don't think that Orny's writing fits into that catagory. Orny is a writer and he is extremely talented and witty. His edginess (if that is a word) is provocative. It may stir some uncomfortableness when you realize you are laughing at something so real. But then afterwards, you think about it and hopefully talk about it. If his comedy stimulates conversation then I think he did his job.

It reminds me of Robin Williams comedy. That man can go on for an hour straight and talk about 100 current topics and a week later you will still be having "AHaH" moments.

Sorry to butt in. I wrote this on my own free will and from the heart. I think you both are brillant and funny.

Steph, We can't change the fact that men like blonde, big titty twenty year olds. It is there lose.

Peace and love!

Steph said...
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RichJeniFan said...

Well, let's face it: any time we step out of our comfort zone and experience the world around us (either as we perceive it or as others express how they see it), there's going to be conflict. Topics are going to be introduced to us or approached from angles we don't necessarily agree with, believe in or approve of.

That's life. That's why some people live cloistered lives, form religious sects, or otherwise close themselves off either from the "sins" around them or the unappealing elements in their personal lives (i.e. world news, of which Americans REALLY don't know enough of!). Seriously, until you've seen the images at websites like, you're not seeing the world; you're seeing a watered-down, filtered version of your self-centered/self-imposed existence.

The same applies to comedy. When you go to a comedian's website, video or live show, you're stepping into their world. Letting them tell everyone how they see it in a one-way arena--OUT. Feedback is a relatively new concept in stand-up comedy when you think about it. To quote Richard Jeni, it used to be that if someone didn't like what you said, they wrote you a letter. "Now I have a website with email and they can threaten my life by the hundreds!"

Steph said...
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mALX said...

"Are you supposed to be talking" - my keyboard is covered with coke now! Oh, and "The Hillary - they think it will never quit" - how do you clean these flat screen monitors anyway? You ROCK!

The Actress said...

Oa, you'd better get a handle on your Marcelmarceauophobia. Apparently, referring to mimes as freaks is fightin' words!

katy klee klai said...

~I have driven Karmann Ghia VW's most of my driving career,
I hope that doesn't make me
a Nazi Sympathizer!!
(A Liberal Nazi...nope doesn't quite jibe, but I have always wondered why Hippies like VW's so much when it was Adolph Hitler himself who named them)

I don't know what this has to
do with your blog Orny, but as
you may have noticed I like things
to be about

Evan said...

i don't want to get caught up in the rigamaroll.. i just want to say mimes freak me the f out!