Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Industrial Carpeting

Ugly industrial carpeting-- need I say more. Well maybe.


Anonymous said...

you did NOT just do that.
did you just do that?
you just did that didn't you?
sham WOW is right.
(love that guy btw,
takes me back
to my childhood State Fair days watching the Ginsu Knife demonstrations.
You know the one,
the booth next to the
feathered roach clips & punk rock sunglasses)
I don't have cheap carpets so if you ever come over, don't do that to my floors okay?

Michelle36 said...

You're so funny! It's hurting my bruised ribs to laugh. You should hav invited my 3 year old and her drinkable yogurt! Now that's a stain! I thought you looked roughedly handsome too!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! That was my carpet!

Anonymous said...

NO Joke, you just sold me on
Industrial grade carpet. The herd I have going through my 'busy rooms'
are horrid on the regular stuff.

Steph said...

Orny Adam's next vlog: the eviction notice.

Anonymous said...

"That Rug really tied the room together"

Anonymous said...

I'm opening up a museum that is going to feature all the products ever sold via infomercials. Ginsu, Armorcote, Thigh Master, Awesome Auger, and any Ronc-O-matic products we can find. Why? Because greedy bastards ruined the economy and I have nothing better to do. Admission is free to all unemployed people. People working part-time pay fifty cents; full-timers pay one dollar. Wall Streeters, mortgage brokers, and hedge fund managers can't come in. Bruno is going to stop you at the door; grab you by the shirt collar; and mess you up real bad. I hope that all you slick credit default swappers out there get popcorn stuck between your teeth during a dental floss shortage. Piss off.

Anonymous said...

I hate carpeting. Carpeting is stupid!!! Carpet was invented by guys who were too lazy to install wood floors. Screw them.

EasyVeasey said...

you soooo rock ornie! lots of man love for you!