Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The truth behind Napoleon and Waterloo

An ad in the LA Times today reveals the reason behind Napoleon's career ending loss at Waterloo.


Anonymous said...

Great one Orny, I chuckled 5 pounds off :)

Hipichik ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OMG that was funny.


COAL-LOW-RECT-TAL ... our new word pronunciation for the day.

I'll try to see how often I can use it in a sentence this week.

oxoxo's Bunny

stubakercomedy said...

It's true. Orny hangs out with ugly people ... me.

And can we please replace Andy Rooney with Orny Adams on 60 Minutes?

For Chrissakes!

Orny Adams said...

I'm ready to take over for Rooney. Did you notice the frame the video is frozen on-- I'm doing my best Stu Baker impression. (It would be nice if like youtube-- they gave us three screenshots to choose from!)

Michelle36 said...

Very funny... the vlog not the problem.. Hemmroids are no fun at all and going to the Dr for them is even less fun! You are the only guy in the world who can make a pain in the ass like that, funny as hell! BTW, I think you are among some of the most handsome men in cyber-space.

The Actress said...

This is precisely why Orny an I don't hang out together. I'm just too pretty.

= D

K-Town said...

what is that song at the end? i like it....

ps. very funny.

Anonymous said...

Very good stuff sir!