Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Badminton an Olympic Sport?

I was forced to play badminton at camp. I never took it seriously. Never thought it was sport. Is it?


Anonymous said...

But let us not overlook the OTHER noble Olympic sports that are recognized as such by the IOC. Such as... motorboat racing. And Valencian Pilota, where the audience can "participate" (they sit so close to the action, it's frequent for them to be hit). And KORFBALL! How about lifesaving, tug-of-war, or chess? Yes, the wonders of Wikipedia. You learn so much.

[BTW, on the Five O'Clock Funnies on KLOS-FM, they played some of your material. But Uncle Joe Benson screwed up on your tag line. What should've been "fired up," he said as "spun up."]

Just call me Katie! said...

This video made me giggle! My friend is a serious badminton player. I had no idea how many people take it so seriously. Apparently it can be a dangerous "sport" too. Someone has actually died playing the game. I believe it had something to do with the netting on the birdy pierced someone's eye and puncturing the brain. (More of a freak accident)

I always liked badminton (the outdoor version). You could multitask while you waited for the birdie to come to your side of the net. Ideal for drink in one hand and racket in the other.

I am still waiting for the Corn Ball event at the Olympics. That would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Need I say more?

I remember watching Forest Gump
& scratching my head over
Ping Pong.
Anything that can be played
during a Backyard BBQ with
a Beer in your hand
seems to be allowed.
Good to know.

K-Town said...

my mom used to play badminton competitively in college.... I agree... it's lame.

Jeromie Charpentier said...

People taking themselves WAY too seriously

dvb said...

badmitton rules. you don't know what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Badminton is misunderstood by the Western world. I can see why - with no training, extremely low quality equipment, and all one knows is how to tap a plastic... shuttlecock...(teehee that always gets them too) back and forth. The sport doesn't look like much of a sport. Also I believe that due to technology, the sport only really became a sport once carbon graphite racquets became a standard, which was sometime in the late 80's. But if you ever get a chance to watch a nationals tournament or something you will probably shocked to see how different the badminton is from that game you had pictured in your head.

oh and by the way Katie is badminton a dangerous sport? absolutely not. No more dangerous than tennis. however ruptured achilles, torn shoulders, and knee injuries are common things. Other than that how is it expected to be dangerous? and does it make it a better sport if its dangerous, some would say yes, some would say no, some would say it doesn't matter. It's just preference.

Orny Adams said...

Figures the most articulate PRO BADMINTON comment (above) would be left ANONYMOUSLY. (The really angry badminton fanatics weighed in on youtube.) I appreciate all your thoughts-- and yes I did get a chance to watch some of the medal matches in the Olympics-- powerful stuff.

Unknown said...
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