Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Really Super Super Tuesday

Dreams can come true. Look who called me to get out and vote for Obama.


Anonymous said...

That made me laugh, and I'm still smiling.

The Actress said...

That's nothing.

Oprah called me.

Anonymous said...

Could it be? Orny Adams alive and well? Possibly even gaining more fans? Well, I just watched Comedian for the 1st time tonight and I actually thought enough of your performance (mostly offstage is what grabbed me) in it to want to see what you were up to these days (the extras on the dvd weren't really enlightening) and to see if the biz had completely defeated you.
I've just spent hours on your various blog/vlog posts and I have to say that I'm glad to see you are still kicking around. It is actually inspiring to see a guy openly confess to one of the biggest comedians alive today to being unsure about the career choice of being a comedian because he wasn't really sure whether or not he really wanted to be a yuppie.
You seem much wiser these days...and obviously have found a much deeper respect and love for the art of comedy and simply being involved with it. Your Robin Williams and Richard Pryor's wife stories were great and I am coming over to your store right now to personally grab a copy of your CD/DVD. Y'know, the one with both the CD AND the DVD?
Cheers from a 30 year old fan of comedy and stand up whose love affair also started with the old vinyls. I still have most of them today and I even just bought one recently by Mr Brian Posehn on Relapse Records. Awesome... Til then, Jeffrey

Steph said...
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VinnieCoppola said...

How DID she get your number???? I am so jealous jealous jealous jealous so very extremely jealous jealous molto totally jealous jealous jealous very very jealous beacoup jealous (lather, rinse, repeat...)