Friday, January 18, 2008

Why I'm rooting for Myspace

I can't figure out Facebook for the life of me. Somebody threw a donkey at my last night! Whatever that means. And I keep getting poked-- which is not necessarily a sexual thing-- too bad. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I tried to upload a video or customize my page like Myspace to no success. I am embarrassed by my Facebook page. It's got nothing on there and yet more and more people are driven to it than my Myspace. And whatever happened to Friendster-- what did they do so wrong that they are the Alta Vista of social networking? The main problem with Myspace is the barrage of advertising. Ok, you want me to say it, I'll say it-- I can't keep up. You win technology-- you win kids with all your free time, zits, hormones, fast metabolism, hope, donkey throwing, hyperactive ADD, and web brilliance. I bow out.


Just call me Katie! said...

Yeah there is something offensive about being poked. I tried to keep up with the whole facebook thing but I felt like there was less communication going on.

I still like the simplicity of AOL's "You've got mail." It is like getting a package at your front door.

Michelle36 said...

I belong to a couple of other sites but I have never been able to figure them out. I keep getting friend requests. Who are these people? Why are they poking me?

Just call me Katie! said...

I feel your pain. I just went back on to my facebook account and tried to poke my friends. I ended up poking myself. What fun is that?

Evia said...

Facebook is a big,scary,confusing place. I can't figure anything out or stalk people nearly as easily as myspace.

#2 Orny Adams Fan said...

Orny, don't feel sooo bad. I signed on to Myspace just to see if I could keep up w/the little brats. I proved myself right, Yay for me.
However, I can't figure out Facebook, yet.

#2 Orny Adams Fan said...

Also, I love you Orny.